Thursday, July 30, 2009

Washington Bound

Day 10, July 29, 2009

Right after I signed off last night, the golfer's returned. Auntie won! I don't know why they didn't take me with them, there were probably some cool perfect Minkey houses!

This morning, they put the camper "away" hooked up the truck and then ran back to that weird green water for one last swim. What is with them and that water!!!?? At about 11:00, we waved good-bye to Urbanna and BethPage and headed up highway 17 toward Fredericksburg. It was confusing finding I-95 next Fredericksburg, so I hid under the seat until we were safely on the interstate. We stopped once for fuel and then arrived at our new campground in Dumfries, VA. It's on the outside edge of a huge National Forest.

The weather report looked very bad for today so we were really worried it would be pouring when we arrived. It stayed cloudy all day but only sprinkled a little right after we pulled in. We unloaded and set up and then were heading for the Marine Museum outside Quantico when the truck started running really badly. So we found out where the nearest Dodge dealer was and headed that way instead.

We waited around for 2 HOURS for them to tell us they couldn't figure out what was wrong, so the man with the fuzzy face decided to go back early tomorrow, rent a car, and let them keep it all day. While we were waiting, Daddy, Auntie, the old lady, and I went for a walk and saw some really pretty flowers.

So now we're back at camp, the man with the fuzzy face is cooking more yummy smelling things, and we're all planning how we are going to get to see the President tomorrow! Oh, the man with the fuzzy face says the steak and fish are done. Where oh where are my bananas??!!!

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