Friday, July 31, 2009

Air & Space

Day 11, July 30, 2009

Everyone is very subdued and quiet. The big white truck is really sick and no one knows what to do.

Last night was pretty quiet too. After steak and fish (which the old lady said was really tasty), we watched a little TV and went to bed. The old lady FINALLY got a picture of Auntie without her hands in front of her face!

This morning, we got up to the man with the fuzzy face returning to the campsite with a rental truck. The Dodge dealer was to call us as soon as they knew what was wrong. So we drove the rental truck 20 miles to the Metrorail station and boarded the blue line for the Smithsonian stop. It was about a half an hour train ride. Daddy swung from all the poles and annoyed all the other passengers. I, of course, just sat quietly or stared out the window.

We saw all kinds of cool things at the Air and Space Museum. There were lots of different kinds of airplanes and rockets. I got to sit on an old polar plane, Daddy got to simulate flying an airplane, and we saw my body on infared. It showed no warmth in my body, so the machine was obviously broken.

Right after lunch, the man with the fuzzy face got the call. The Diesel truck had GASOLINE in it! The whole engine had to be taken apart drained and cleaned.

The man with the fuzzy face wanted to go back and research how it happened so we cut the day short and headed back to camp. And here we are. All quiet and subdued wondering what is going to happen next.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Washington Bound

Day 10, July 29, 2009

Right after I signed off last night, the golfer's returned. Auntie won! I don't know why they didn't take me with them, there were probably some cool perfect Minkey houses!

This morning, they put the camper "away" hooked up the truck and then ran back to that weird green water for one last swim. What is with them and that water!!!?? At about 11:00, we waved good-bye to Urbanna and BethPage and headed up highway 17 toward Fredericksburg. It was confusing finding I-95 next Fredericksburg, so I hid under the seat until we were safely on the interstate. We stopped once for fuel and then arrived at our new campground in Dumfries, VA. It's on the outside edge of a huge National Forest.

The weather report looked very bad for today so we were really worried it would be pouring when we arrived. It stayed cloudy all day but only sprinkled a little right after we pulled in. We unloaded and set up and then were heading for the Marine Museum outside Quantico when the truck started running really badly. So we found out where the nearest Dodge dealer was and headed that way instead.

We waited around for 2 HOURS for them to tell us they couldn't figure out what was wrong, so the man with the fuzzy face decided to go back early tomorrow, rent a car, and let them keep it all day. While we were waiting, Daddy, Auntie, the old lady, and I went for a walk and saw some really pretty flowers.

So now we're back at camp, the man with the fuzzy face is cooking more yummy smelling things, and we're all planning how we are going to get to see the President tomorrow! Oh, the man with the fuzzy face says the steak and fish are done. Where oh where are my bananas??!!!

Chesapeake Bay

Day 9: July 28, 2009

We arrived yesterday afternoon in time for Auntie and Daddy to go swimming in the really cool lake with a WATER TRAMPOLINE! Then it started to rain. No, not rain.... flood, storm, pour, deluge, engulf! They had put us in a site that flooded with at least three inches of water! We were living on lake Vaughan! I was terrified of all that water! So as soon as it stopped raining, the man with the fuzzy face moved everything over one street. Nice dry grassy area. This morning, the original site was still under water! We love this BethPage place, but they aren't very good at picking sites! The old lady says the showers are kind of weird too, but I wouldn't know about that, nor do I want to know!

Daddy and Auntie swam in that weird green lake for several hours this morning, (don't they get tired of being wet!?) and then we climbed into the truck and drove for about a half an hour to find the actual Chesapeake. It turns out Urbanna isn't actually on the Bay. So we drove to a place called Deltaville. It was a weird little town because they didn't like tourists and didn't have anywhere to see the Bay! But the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face perserviered and finally caught a glimps from a dock and around some houses. Then they had lunch at a local restaurant and had crab cakes so mission accomplished.

After a quick stop at the local grocery to stock up (still no bananas!), we arrived back at BethPage and Auntie and Daddy went right back into that green water! The old lady went for a quick swim and then cleaned up the camper. I hid under Auntie's covers. I get nervous when people start cleaning. That usually means I have to take a bath! They did end up doing some laundry, but luckily, I wasn't included.

After a yummy smelling dinner of roast chicken (it smelled good, but all that grease makes me very nervous, so I stayed hidden), the man with the fuzzy face, Daddy and Auntie went to play putt-putt golf. They haven't come back yet, but it's getting late so they should be here any minute. Then tomorrow, we're off to Dumfries, VA, which is right outside Washington DC. I hope I get to meet President Obama!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving Day, Water Park & Yorktown

Day 8, July 27, 2009

This morning we packed up the camper, loaded everything in the truck, and headed away from Carter's Cove. I'm going to miss that place. It had some scary water flows when it rained and even scarier people walking around, but it had beautiful trees and the old lady said the shower was really nice. Also, don't forget the awesome fireflies!

So the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face rearranged the schedule and let Daddy and Auntie go back to the water park, so I sat in the truck again. We had the camper with us this time, but I wanted to be where I could see out. I wasn't going NEAR that water place! I guess those old folks can be pretty nice sometimes. They told me later they went down long watery slides and around watery rivers. They said the old lady went on a bunch of them, as long as there was a full raft and not some silly tube that made water go up, well, never mind that. They had fun, anyway. I was just as happy to wait in the truck!

Next we drove with the camper to Yorktown. It started lightening right when we got there, so we didn't get to see the battlefield and the driving tour was closed because the storm the night before had knocked down a bunch of trees and branches. There was a small museum at the battlefield that was kind of interesting. There was a model of a ship that had some cool hammocks so Daddy and I took a nap together this time.

We drove through historic Yorktown, but the humans were all tired of walking so we didn't stop. It looked like a bunch of shops and stuff anyway that Daddy would have to say, "I want that!" and the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face would have to say, "NO!" so it's just as well we didn't stop.

The old lady has been wanting to see Chesapeake Bay ever since she read a story about it many years ago, and the man with the fuzzy face is missing water and wants to see about doing some fishing, so we're driving to a little town called Urbanna to stay at a campground called BethPage. It looks like it's near the Bay so the old lady should get her wish, the man with the fuzzy face should get to fish and taste a blue crab cake, and the rest of the humans can rest a little before heading for DC.

I'm going to take another nap here in the truck while we drive. Not sure if we'll have internet, so I'll write again tomorrow. Ta for now!


Day 7, July 26, 2009

This morning arrived bright and hot! We packed up and headed to historic Jamestown. We got 3/4 of the way there and found out the bridge had been hit by a boat so we had to go back and around 30 mins out of the way. But we made it.... eventually! There were lots of very interesting things to see. They had an indian village set up just like when Powhattan and Pocahontas lived there. They let us go through each hut and touch and play with things inside. I took a nap on a bed with a bunch of cozy fur and then hung around for awhile in a cool net until the man with the fuzzy face said to watch out, I might be used for bait. I kept asking where all the indians were but everyone kept looking at me funny. Finally, Daddy told me the indians haven't been around for a long time. That the big bad settlers killed them all off. I'm glad I'm a monkey so I had nothing to do with it!

Following a long path, we came out to the water and found these big cool ships. They were replica's of the actual boats that brought the original settlers.

I took a nap in the captain's bunk. I seem to take a lot of naps on this trip but then, we walk around so much, I'm tired! There were three ships of various sizes. They let me steer the smallest one. I guess because I'm so small. They let Daddy steer too, but he didn't do nearly as good a job. I also rang the ships bell and shot off the cannon. I think I make a wonderful captain. Maybe I should go back to the Sleepy Bear place and commandeer that boat....

It amazes me that so many people lived in such a small space with livestock and supplies for 6 to 12 weeks across an ocean. We have enough trouble with 4 humans and a bunch of stuffed animals in the camper!

We moved forward a short period in time to the Jamestown settlement which was the original fort where all the settlers lived. Daddy put on an armor. It almost fit him! Those settlers were little people! Not that Daddy is that little... I mean.... ummmmm.... I tried on the helmet, but it was a little big.

In the settlement, there was a gunsmith, a storage area, a church (I did a little sermon, but I don't think anyone could hear me, they didn't listen, anyway) and several living quarters. I took another nap in a big fancy bed. That was my favorite. I wonder if I could get Daddy to make me one. The family put the old lady to work while I napped. She said it was no different than any other day!

It was getting hotter and hotter, so we headed back to the campsite and ate a quick lunch. The humans then put on their weird bathing gear and headed to a place called Water Country USA. You can imagine what I thought of THAT place, so I stayed in the truck. I heard lots of loud booming noises and the rain came down on the windshield hard, so I hid under a blanket next to Daddy's car seat. They came back to the truck just as it was getting dark and said the thunder and lightening had closed the park and they had to sit around for over an hour. Then they opened it back up again for about 20 minutes and it started to thunder again. They ran for the exit but got stopped by serious lightening and rain. They had to take refuge under an small overhang, until it passed. My Daddy and Auntie were not happy, so the man with the fuzzy face and the old lady said they'd change tomorrow's "plan" a little so they can go back for awhile in the morning. Good thing they bought these fancy pass things so they can go back without having to pay more. It's raining right now and there's a huge river forming under the camper. The man with the fuzzy face is running around picking up things so they don't float away. I'm glad I'm safe and dry in the camper! I'm tired from all that hiding and worrying, so I'm going to bed. Ta for now....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busch Gardens

Day 6: July 25, 2009

Ok, so I obviously should have stayed in the backpack. The very first thing they did when we got to Busch Garden's was stuff me up some tree guys nose! It was horribible! Then they walked and walked and walked all around and got on all these scary rides that went up and down and all around. Even in the backpack, I got very dizzy! Some of them you got really WET! The old lady got on one that didn't look like it would be too bad and only got a little wet on one side. But then Daddy and Auntie talked her and the man with the fuzzy face into going on another one, and everything got soaked!!! Luckily, the little purple backpack is semi-waterproof so I didn't get really wet, but my nose was damp! And I didn't like it! The man with the fuzzy face took his shirt off and wrung out about 2 cups of water, and both his and the old lady's shoes were all wet and squishy. She kept taking off her tennis shoes at every ride and setting them in the sun while she waited for Auntie and Daddy to turn upside down and around.

The man with the fuzzy face can drive a mean bumper car too. I thought it was very funny when he deliberately chased down Daddy and Auntie and rammed them! Sorry the picture isn't really clear, but they were moving really fast!

The old lady actually went on a roller coaster without the man with the fuzzy face! He's usually the brave one! She says she actually likes roller coasters, as long as they don't go upside down. The man with the fuzzy face took their picture waiting in line but Auntie hid, as usual. I don't understand why she doesn't like having her picture taken! I LOVE having mine taken. Where's the camera?!

Daddy really liked the slow boat ride where we saw geese and swans. I thought it was the scariest ride there because Daddy held me over the railing! What if he had dropped me! Then we had to walk up this really steep hill. I thought the old lady was going to fall over.

We went back to our little campground for dinner since it was less than 10 minutes from Busch Gardens. Oh, but wait! After the man with the fuzzy face got all wet, he took everything out of his pockets to dry and laid them out on a small wall. When we all got back to the truck to go home for dinner, NO KEY!!!!! The man with the fuzzy face was totally freaking out. I thought everyone else was rather calm considering we might be sleeping in Apollo's Chariot and have to turn upside down every ten minutes. We stopped at Lost and Found and they were no help at all, so we walked back to where he'd left it. No key. Of course, the man with the fuzzy face was freaking out even more. He started calling AAA with visions of locksmiths and $$$ passing before his eyes. The old lady remained more calm and started asking all the vendors and ride technicians if they'd found a key. Finally, at the fifth one, the guy had it!!! The man with the fuzzy face was soooooo happy! I wish the old lady had taken a picture of the relief on his face.

So finally we got back to the campsite, ate dinner, changed into something dry (well, I didn't change, I wasn't wet!), and headed back to Busch Gardens to watch The Little River Band in concert. I thought they were loud; the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face thought they were great. Auntie and Daddy watch for awhile and then went to turn upside down some more. I'm glad they didn't come back with their noses on their heels.

We're back at our little campsite. It's 11:00, we're all tired but happy from a full day. Tomorrow we get to see Jamestown where all the indians live. I hope I get to see Pocahontas! Ta for now!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 5: July 24, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg! Auntie made me stay in her backpack at first, but I could hear my family stop and get their passes and hop on a bus. It was very crowded and people kept bumping me around in the backpack. I don't like getting squished. After the bus ride, we walked and walked (yes, of course, I rode) through lots of old houses, shops, and government buildings. They put me in jail and put me in the stocks. I'm very glad I wasn't really being punished so I didn't have to stay there. We got to watch how they made things out of iron and things out of wood. The man with the fuzzy face bought the old lady a cool charm for her silver charm bracelet from the silver smith. Then we watched how they made bricks and Daddy and Auntie squished around in the clay to help make it soft enough to mold into the bricks. I didn't want ANY part in that! The government building was called The Capitol. The old lady helped reinact the meeting where the colonists decided to declare themselves independent from the crown. Finally we were all so tired, we made are way back to the big white truck. The man with the fuzzy face wanted to see the Folk Art Museum so after a few confusing turns in the truck, we found the right building. There was lots of interesting art to look at. I really liked this big rino statue, but when I got too close, it tried to eat me! Then all these alarms went off and an electronic voice told me not to touch the art. I was terrified we were all going to jail for real this time!

So now we're home again at our little campground and enjoying steak and fish for dinner, while we watch the fireflies dance around the table. Tomorrow Daddy and Auntie get to play at Busch Gardens. I'm going to hide in the backpack the whole time. Too many people, too much noise, and waaaayyyy toooo much water! Ta for now.....

Arrive at Williamsburg

Day 4: July 23, 2009

Today was another travel day. At least this time it wasn't raining when we left and we were able to pack up nice and dry. The man with the fuzzy face was worried about the tires so he rotated them (whatever that means; don't they rotate as they go down the road?). Again we drove and drove and drove, all the way through North Carolina. As soon as we got into Virginia we stopped at a rest area to have lunch. There were trees everywhere! Then we drove and drove and drove some more until we finally reached Williamsburg. Our little campground, Carters Cove, is very cute, but Auntie was disappointed because there was no pool. Tonight we stepped outside and saw fireflies! Daddy and Auntie chased the fireflys, and we saw a cool brown bunny.

Move to Sleepy Bear

Day 3: July 22, 2009

Today was a travel day, so of course, it started raining as soon as we got out of bed. The man with the fuzzy face had to pack up everything outside in the rain. I thought it was funny as long as I didn't have to go out. As soon as we pulled out of the campground, again it stopped raining. The directions the old lady had, took us back through Downtown Savannah so we got to see the cool old buildings again, and the picture of the bridge we took yesterday.... we went over it today! It was very high and very, very scary! I had to go change my pants after we made it over to the other side. The man with the fuzzy face said it was steeper than our Skyway Bridge. We drove and drove and drove some more and finally got to Lumberton. The Sleepy Bear campground was right on the interstate, but we got a nice big lot with lots of trees in the very back (I LOVE trees!). There were bears everywhere but they were friendly, they had a swimming pool and putt putt golf, but we never got to play golf. I really liked the putt putt golf corse, because they had buildings just my size. Soon the old lady's friend Ladonna, and her husband, Ted, and her son, Salemen. Saleamen was really fun but he had weird, gooey blue hair. There were three little children who showed us a bike path to a cool river that the man with the fuzzy face fished in. Ted and Ladonna stayed untill dark and then drove two hours home.
Tomorrow is more driving. Can't we get anywhere without driving?!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Downtown Savannah

Day 2: July 21, 2009

Today we went to Downtown Savannah. It is very old. I was worried I'd get lost somewhere.

On our way, we stopped at a boat ramp so the man with the fuzzy face could try to catch a fish. I don't know what the big fascination is with sticking a hook in the water, but it makes him happy so we try to be patient. While we were there, we saw a really cool carving on a tree and we got to really see up close all the salt marshes and seas of grass that make up this whole area where we're staying. Then we took off for River Street.

On our way there, we drove on a street that had lots of big old houses. None of them had much of a back yard but they all had an alley behind. The man with the fuzzy face thought it was for delivering ice and groceries in the old days.

We walked and we walked. Well, ok, I didn't walk, but everyone else did. I rode in a nice comfy backpack. We saw lots of stores and restaurants. I got to watch Daddy and Auntie climb a big tree until the old lady yelled at them. I got to see a cool old boat that ran with a paddle wheel. There was a cool bridge with lots of really, really big boats in front of it. We had lunch at a cool restaurant called the Boar's Head. I never saw the Boar or his head, but I got to look out the big window at the water. I don't really like water unless I can look at it through a window! The old lady took a picture of me right next to the river. I was afraid the wind was going to blow me in! There were lots and lots of stairs too. I'm glad I didn't have to climb them.

Auntie and Daddy got really gooy ice cream, so I hid in the backpack. Then we walked and walked again. We stopped at a big place with lots of dead people. I was kind of scared of the ghosts, but Daddy said they only came out at night so I stopped and admired some of the cool rocks with names and dates on them. We also stepped inside a beautiful cathedral. I got to sit on the alter. I hope I didn't make god angry. Then we walked some more, oh and did I mention, we walked?

Finally we got back to the big bad truck. We stopped at a grocery store called Kroger's but they forgot to buy me any bananas. We took the food back to the camper and went to find the Atlantic Ocean, but all we found were fiddler crabs, mud and oysters. The map looked like the ocean was only a little way from where we stayed, but there were private developments and gates everywhere, so we couldn't get to it. The man with the fuzzy face was disappointed so we went to find a fishing pier. We found the pier, but didn't find any fish. I tried fishing too, with a cane pole that daddy made for me, but I didn't catch anything either. We found this really neat little beach but the tide was coming in and luckily the old lady turned around just in time to see our exit path was filling with water and we ran just in time to get out. The man with the fuzzy face said we would have been stuck on that little piece of land all night or until the tide went back out, but I didn't really believe him.

We got back in time to go for a bike ride and a nice walk. We saw a frog, a turtle, a bunch of birds and even a deer, before the mosquitos chased us back to the camper. Oh, and Daddy fell off this weird titter totter thing and hurt his wrist.

Tomorrow we're on to Lumberton, SC to meet up with the old Lady's friend from Sorority, LaDonna. I hope she likes monkeys....

Hitting the Road

Day 1: July 20, 2009

We got off to a rainy start. Here is me trying to load my clothes in the camper between rain drops. Luckily, I didn't get wet. We traveled up I-75 to 301 in Ocala and then to I-95 just north of Jacksonville. Of course, it stopped raining as soon as we got on the highway, which was good for the man with the fuzzy face driving, but not so good for me trying to pack.

I traveled in the camper to the first rest stop. Then I got in the truck because the sun had come out. I don't understand why these people have to stop to rest all the time.

The old lady and the man with the fuzzy face said this was the prison tour because first we passed Coleman Correctional Institute, then we went through Starke and last there was one outside Jacksonville.

We passed over lots of rivers once we got into Georgia. The man with the fuzzy face wanted to stop and fish, but we had to keep going.

We made it to Skidaway Island State Park around 4:00. We went for a bike ride after we got the camper set up, but then the sky turned black and the wind started to blow cold. So Auntie rode back to the camper really, really fast. (I was sitting on her handlebars.)

Tomorrow we're going to Downtown Savannah to see old houses. I don't know what the thrill is with old stuff....

Ta until tomorrow...