Monday, July 27, 2009

Arrive at Williamsburg

Day 4: July 23, 2009

Today was another travel day. At least this time it wasn't raining when we left and we were able to pack up nice and dry. The man with the fuzzy face was worried about the tires so he rotated them (whatever that means; don't they rotate as they go down the road?). Again we drove and drove and drove, all the way through North Carolina. As soon as we got into Virginia we stopped at a rest area to have lunch. There were trees everywhere! Then we drove and drove and drove some more until we finally reached Williamsburg. Our little campground, Carters Cove, is very cute, but Auntie was disappointed because there was no pool. Tonight we stepped outside and saw fireflies! Daddy and Auntie chased the fireflys, and we saw a cool brown bunny.

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