Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 5: July 24, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg! Auntie made me stay in her backpack at first, but I could hear my family stop and get their passes and hop on a bus. It was very crowded and people kept bumping me around in the backpack. I don't like getting squished. After the bus ride, we walked and walked (yes, of course, I rode) through lots of old houses, shops, and government buildings. They put me in jail and put me in the stocks. I'm very glad I wasn't really being punished so I didn't have to stay there. We got to watch how they made things out of iron and things out of wood. The man with the fuzzy face bought the old lady a cool charm for her silver charm bracelet from the silver smith. Then we watched how they made bricks and Daddy and Auntie squished around in the clay to help make it soft enough to mold into the bricks. I didn't want ANY part in that! The government building was called The Capitol. The old lady helped reinact the meeting where the colonists decided to declare themselves independent from the crown. Finally we were all so tired, we made are way back to the big white truck. The man with the fuzzy face wanted to see the Folk Art Museum so after a few confusing turns in the truck, we found the right building. There was lots of interesting art to look at. I really liked this big rino statue, but when I got too close, it tried to eat me! Then all these alarms went off and an electronic voice told me not to touch the art. I was terrified we were all going to jail for real this time!

So now we're home again at our little campground and enjoying steak and fish for dinner, while we watch the fireflies dance around the table. Tomorrow Daddy and Auntie get to play at Busch Gardens. I'm going to hide in the backpack the whole time. Too many people, too much noise, and waaaayyyy toooo much water! Ta for now.....

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