Friday, July 31, 2009

Air & Space

Day 11, July 30, 2009

Everyone is very subdued and quiet. The big white truck is really sick and no one knows what to do.

Last night was pretty quiet too. After steak and fish (which the old lady said was really tasty), we watched a little TV and went to bed. The old lady FINALLY got a picture of Auntie without her hands in front of her face!

This morning, we got up to the man with the fuzzy face returning to the campsite with a rental truck. The Dodge dealer was to call us as soon as they knew what was wrong. So we drove the rental truck 20 miles to the Metrorail station and boarded the blue line for the Smithsonian stop. It was about a half an hour train ride. Daddy swung from all the poles and annoyed all the other passengers. I, of course, just sat quietly or stared out the window.

We saw all kinds of cool things at the Air and Space Museum. There were lots of different kinds of airplanes and rockets. I got to sit on an old polar plane, Daddy got to simulate flying an airplane, and we saw my body on infared. It showed no warmth in my body, so the machine was obviously broken.

Right after lunch, the man with the fuzzy face got the call. The Diesel truck had GASOLINE in it! The whole engine had to be taken apart drained and cleaned.

The man with the fuzzy face wanted to go back and research how it happened so we cut the day short and headed back to camp. And here we are. All quiet and subdued wondering what is going to happen next.

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