Thursday, July 19, 2012

HELP ME!!!!!!
The next morning, we got up, waaaayyyy too early again. Again I was stuffed in the backpack and back in the car we went. Off to the airport to finally head home. I had a great time in New York, but I was really starting to miss my daddy and Auntie and even a little bit, the man with the funny face. On the way to the airport, the old lady started to get really worried about someone named Debby. I don't know who Debby was, but the old lady was worried we wouldn't be able to land in Florida because of her. Pretty powerful person, whoever she was. Turns out, she knows how to move planes because our plane jumped all over the place as it was getting ready to land in Tampa. And when we were finally safely on the ground, this Debby person closed the Skyway Bridge, so we had to drive all the way around Tampa to get home. She seemed to be the cause of all kinds of mischeif, even big waves out in the Bay. I am happy to be home, safe and sound and ready to head out on the next adventure.

After some nice refreshments and a yummy lunch (no bananas though; I tried to tell them a nice cold banana daiquiri would hit the spot, but no one was listening, as usual), we got back in the car and headed to the Village of Armonk where the old lady lived when she was a little girl. I don't know what all the excitement was about. I admit it was a cute little town, with lots of lovely trees, but I don't know why she had to see where she grew up so much.
Take for example, the road where she lived for several years of her life. It was called Frog Rock Road, named after this rock that is supposed to, I guess, look like a frog. Some of my best friends are frogs, and I don't see any resemblance between them and this rock!
Right next to this rock was the long driveway down to her childhood home. We took some pictures from the top of the driveway, but the old lady was all worried the current homeowners were going to come storming out of their house and have her arrested. I don't know what she was so worried about. No one is going to arrest someone in the company of such a lovely little monkey! So we went back to M&J's house and had dinner. Again, no bananas! But it was fun playing outside as it got dark. Also, Jacque is Dicken's former mother. Dickens is my close friend, the black bear. He was very happy to see his old mommy (oops, don't tell her I called her old!). I got to meet some of his other siblings too. This one with the wings was very cute.
I've been a very lazy little monkey since we got back from the big city. Florida is just so hot and everything moves a little slower here, and so do little monkeys. Anyway, I'm finally getting around to finishing my blog about my wonderful trip. Saturday morning, after our long night on the town, the old lady got me out of bed way too early and stuffed me in the backpack along with the metro card and the train schedule. She was all excited because we were heading up to Westchester to see her good friend Jacque. I don't know why she was so excited. I was kind of sad to say good bye to our fun little apartment and especially to the wise one... Being wise, he told me that in order for more adventures to begin, the current adventure has to come to a close....

So we triple checked the apartment, grabbed our suitcase, dumped the garbage in the basement, and headed toward the subway. Unfortunately, the old lady wasn't thinking that traveling on a Saturday was going to be slow, so we arrived at Grand Central right after the train we were hoping to catch had pulled out of the station. That was ok though, another one was going to leave in less than an hour and it gave me a chance to look around. Grand Central Station is a very, very big place so I was a little worried I would get lost, but it had lots of interesting stuff to look at!

We finally made it to Westchester after a boring hour on the train. I thought train travel would be fun, but there's just a lot of clickty clack and stuff whizzing by out the window. The old lady wouldn't let me out of the back pack because there was someone sitting next to us. I think she was embarrassed! Jacque and Mike met the train and took us back to their house to dump our suitcase. Then we headed up to a nice little town with cute little stores, called Cold Spring, to find things for little monkeys to buy. Only we ended up not buying ANYTHING for the little monkey! Mike told us that this building across the river was part of West Pointe. I don't know what the big deal was about that, but the old lady seemed to find it interesting

I did get to sit on this really cool gun thing... More to come later. The old lady says she's tired of watching me bounce around on the keyboard and wants to use the computer to get some work done. Hmph!