Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Downtown Savannah

Day 2: July 21, 2009

Today we went to Downtown Savannah. It is very old. I was worried I'd get lost somewhere.

On our way, we stopped at a boat ramp so the man with the fuzzy face could try to catch a fish. I don't know what the big fascination is with sticking a hook in the water, but it makes him happy so we try to be patient. While we were there, we saw a really cool carving on a tree and we got to really see up close all the salt marshes and seas of grass that make up this whole area where we're staying. Then we took off for River Street.

On our way there, we drove on a street that had lots of big old houses. None of them had much of a back yard but they all had an alley behind. The man with the fuzzy face thought it was for delivering ice and groceries in the old days.

We walked and we walked. Well, ok, I didn't walk, but everyone else did. I rode in a nice comfy backpack. We saw lots of stores and restaurants. I got to watch Daddy and Auntie climb a big tree until the old lady yelled at them. I got to see a cool old boat that ran with a paddle wheel. There was a cool bridge with lots of really, really big boats in front of it. We had lunch at a cool restaurant called the Boar's Head. I never saw the Boar or his head, but I got to look out the big window at the water. I don't really like water unless I can look at it through a window! The old lady took a picture of me right next to the river. I was afraid the wind was going to blow me in! There were lots and lots of stairs too. I'm glad I didn't have to climb them.

Auntie and Daddy got really gooy ice cream, so I hid in the backpack. Then we walked and walked again. We stopped at a big place with lots of dead people. I was kind of scared of the ghosts, but Daddy said they only came out at night so I stopped and admired some of the cool rocks with names and dates on them. We also stepped inside a beautiful cathedral. I got to sit on the alter. I hope I didn't make god angry. Then we walked some more, oh and did I mention, we walked?

Finally we got back to the big bad truck. We stopped at a grocery store called Kroger's but they forgot to buy me any bananas. We took the food back to the camper and went to find the Atlantic Ocean, but all we found were fiddler crabs, mud and oysters. The map looked like the ocean was only a little way from where we stayed, but there were private developments and gates everywhere, so we couldn't get to it. The man with the fuzzy face was disappointed so we went to find a fishing pier. We found the pier, but didn't find any fish. I tried fishing too, with a cane pole that daddy made for me, but I didn't catch anything either. We found this really neat little beach but the tide was coming in and luckily the old lady turned around just in time to see our exit path was filling with water and we ran just in time to get out. The man with the fuzzy face said we would have been stuck on that little piece of land all night or until the tide went back out, but I didn't really believe him.

We got back in time to go for a bike ride and a nice walk. We saw a frog, a turtle, a bunch of birds and even a deer, before the mosquitos chased us back to the camper. Oh, and Daddy fell off this weird titter totter thing and hurt his wrist.

Tomorrow we're on to Lumberton, SC to meet up with the old Lady's friend from Sorority, LaDonna. I hope she likes monkeys....


  1. Minkey!
    I'm so glad you are having a great time! Maybe you should show the man with the fuzzy face how to cast a rod to catch some dinner...does the old lady cook fish?
    PS great pics! You are so photogenic..just like your Daddy! I hope Daddy's wrist is okay...kiss his boo boo for Aunt Jean

  2. Dearest Minkey, It looks like you had a couple of busy days, but what else is new? Are you having fun? Or were you left at a rest stop? The first 2 days looked like fun but you have left your loyal followers wondering where you are. Hope all is well whith you. Troll Baby says Hi and TBS wants to know why she wasn't invited. Hope to see more pictures soon and I hope that daddy's wrist is much better. Did the old fuzzy faced guy every catch you some dinner or are you starving?

    Please send new photo's soon.
    Love Aunt Lori - ya know the one in Naples

  3. The old lady said we couldn't access the computer for all the days we were at Carter's Cove. I don't know why. "Baby" was sitting right there. All she had to do was pick it up! No, The man with the fuzzy face still hasn't caught anything, but that's ok with me. I don't like fish. But he hasn't found any bananas yet either.