Sunday, June 30, 2013

 This weekend we had another very exciting weekend. I went up to check out Florida State University to see if I wanted to go to school there. It was a very long, tiring drive. We went through lots of scary rain. I don't like rain. I got left out in the rain once and got very wet. We went to dinner and sat outside and the whole time I was sure it was going to rain on me. But I digress....

We started off in the middle of the afternoon on Thursday. We stayed at a place called Aloft. I kept looking for the loft while we were there but I never found it. I don't know why they named it that if they weren't going to have a loft. I was looking forward to sleeping in that loft. But even with out the loft, the beds were very comfy. The next morning we ran out early because Auntie had an appointment with the film department at 9:30. I don't know what she needed to talk to the film department about since I'm the one who would be going to school there, but I was a good little monkey and didn't say anything.

The school was very nice but very big. A little monkey could easily get lost among all those big old buildings. The coach asked if I would considering being the teams quarterback, but I told him I didn't take anybody's quarter so I couldn't give it back, much less one to the whole team. We were given a very nice, very lonngggg tour by this nice student named Stephanie. She thought I was very cute and knew how important I was so wanted her picture taken with me. I am very glad I could ride in the old lady's backpack because my little feet would have been very sore and tired going up and down and up and down all of those crazy hills.

Now we are safely back home, but I have lots of decisions to make if I'm going to honor them with my presence and go to school there.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

And yet more fans. Taylor Freydberg of the Wholetones wanted me to join their band, but I said their music moved a little too slow for me. Alex Dorris is in the background, bowing to my greatness.