Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chesapeake Bay

Day 9: July 28, 2009

We arrived yesterday afternoon in time for Auntie and Daddy to go swimming in the really cool lake with a WATER TRAMPOLINE! Then it started to rain. No, not rain.... flood, storm, pour, deluge, engulf! They had put us in a site that flooded with at least three inches of water! We were living on lake Vaughan! I was terrified of all that water! So as soon as it stopped raining, the man with the fuzzy face moved everything over one street. Nice dry grassy area. This morning, the original site was still under water! We love this BethPage place, but they aren't very good at picking sites! The old lady says the showers are kind of weird too, but I wouldn't know about that, nor do I want to know!

Daddy and Auntie swam in that weird green lake for several hours this morning, (don't they get tired of being wet!?) and then we climbed into the truck and drove for about a half an hour to find the actual Chesapeake. It turns out Urbanna isn't actually on the Bay. So we drove to a place called Deltaville. It was a weird little town because they didn't like tourists and didn't have anywhere to see the Bay! But the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face perserviered and finally caught a glimps from a dock and around some houses. Then they had lunch at a local restaurant and had crab cakes so mission accomplished.

After a quick stop at the local grocery to stock up (still no bananas!), we arrived back at BethPage and Auntie and Daddy went right back into that green water! The old lady went for a quick swim and then cleaned up the camper. I hid under Auntie's covers. I get nervous when people start cleaning. That usually means I have to take a bath! They did end up doing some laundry, but luckily, I wasn't included.

After a yummy smelling dinner of roast chicken (it smelled good, but all that grease makes me very nervous, so I stayed hidden), the man with the fuzzy face, Daddy and Auntie went to play putt-putt golf. They haven't come back yet, but it's getting late so they should be here any minute. Then tomorrow, we're off to Dumfries, VA, which is right outside Washington DC. I hope I get to meet President Obama!

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