Monday, December 14, 2009

Can't keep my friends wondering

I sat up this morning and realized I hadn't posted anything for months. All my fans and followers might think I was swallowed up by a giant gator or something. So I thought I'd better give you a quick update.

Right after we got back from our big trip (and my finally getting some bananas) school started for Daddy and Auntie so it got very busy around our house. I had to help Daddy all the time with his homework and sit on him so he would read.

I took a quick break to go bowling with some friends of the man with the fuzzy face. It was fun at first, especially since they let me help keep score, but then I almost got crushed by a wizzing bowling ball, so I never want to do that again!

Shortly after that, I went camping with Daddy and his Weblos troupe. The man with the fuzzy face and the old lady slept in a tent instead of the camper. The old lady complained a lot about the hard ground. I didn't like it either. The tent got wet and I almost did too! Nothing is more scary than a monkey with the wet disease! I'm learning lots of new things I never want to do again!

Next we went to a music festival. We've gone for several years and I LOVE them. It's called Riverhawk and it's up somewhere called Dade City. This year we had a special place to sit all day and watch the people go by, when we weren't listening to music at the stages. Here's a picture of me hanging out with my friends. Do you like my special banana pillow that my Daddy made for me? I like watching the musicians with the old lady, except she bounces around to much to the beat of the music when I'm trying to take a nap. My favorite this year was a group called The Belleville Outfit. They had a really cute fiddle player. I kept trying to sneak up and sit on her fiddle, but the old lady wouldn't let me.

Before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving time. I like the holiday's because I get to see a lot of the relatives we don't see much the rest of the year. Of course, the old lady complains a lot that there's too much work to do at this time of the year. I don't know what she's talking about. I'M not working any harder.

Soon it will be Christmas. The parties have already started. I have so many invitations, I don't know where to start. The old lady won't let me go to very many. Something about my embarrassing her too much. I think she's too sensitive. At least I don't burp and scratch in public. And everyone else seems to think I'm wonderful and the life of the party.

Time to go wrap my presents. I hope everyone has a joyous and warm holiday season and a wonderful New Year.