Friday, July 26, 2013

 Sho.... The old lady got a new job, shee... Back in April. It was at this place that moved stuff in big trucks. I went to work with her (of course) so I could help her figure stuff out. The "books" were a mess, according to the old lady. I never saw any books which is a good thing since I can't read very well, but that's another story. I never saw any trucks either, or I would have asked for a ride.

Anyway, the old lady finally introduced me to her co-worker, Barb. Barb turned out to be this very wonderful person who really loves little monkeys.

Shadly, the old lady decided the new job was taking too much time away from more important endeavors (like playing with little monkeys), so she decided to leave the new job. Her last day was today.

I was very unhappy, saying goodbye to my new friend Barb. The old lady promises we will stop in and say hello from time to time. She better keep her promise.

Barb gave me these beautiful flowers as a going away present. Aren't they lovely? Not as lovely as Barb, of course.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

 This weekend, we went camping up at Ft. Desoto. I like camping most of the time, as long as it doesn't rain. I don't like rain. The first day we were there, it rained a lot. I hid. In the camper. I'm very happy we have a camper. I can't even think about camping in a tent. Tents ALWAYS leak.

So there I am, enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful trees, when suddenly someone calls out, "MINKEY!!! Look out!!!!" I turned around just in time to see this huge hairy monster bearing down on me. He had long fangs, huge long claws and an enormous bushy tail. I was completely terrified and frozen in place.

Luckily, the old lady came out of the camper just at that moment and scared it off. Who knows what would have happened to me! After looking back though, at the picture, that fluffy tail sure would have made a great scarf, coat, or even a bed....

 I love the girlsh... The girlsh love me... But what's not to love? I'm cute, soft, cuddly and I smell like sleepy time. Plush, I have a shoft voice and I can tell great shtories!

I will ride in on my white steed and carry off the beautiful maiden...