Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Day 7, July 26, 2009

This morning arrived bright and hot! We packed up and headed to historic Jamestown. We got 3/4 of the way there and found out the bridge had been hit by a boat so we had to go back and around 30 mins out of the way. But we made it.... eventually! There were lots of very interesting things to see. They had an indian village set up just like when Powhattan and Pocahontas lived there. They let us go through each hut and touch and play with things inside. I took a nap on a bed with a bunch of cozy fur and then hung around for awhile in a cool net until the man with the fuzzy face said to watch out, I might be used for bait. I kept asking where all the indians were but everyone kept looking at me funny. Finally, Daddy told me the indians haven't been around for a long time. That the big bad settlers killed them all off. I'm glad I'm a monkey so I had nothing to do with it!

Following a long path, we came out to the water and found these big cool ships. They were replica's of the actual boats that brought the original settlers.

I took a nap in the captain's bunk. I seem to take a lot of naps on this trip but then, we walk around so much, I'm tired! There were three ships of various sizes. They let me steer the smallest one. I guess because I'm so small. They let Daddy steer too, but he didn't do nearly as good a job. I also rang the ships bell and shot off the cannon. I think I make a wonderful captain. Maybe I should go back to the Sleepy Bear place and commandeer that boat....

It amazes me that so many people lived in such a small space with livestock and supplies for 6 to 12 weeks across an ocean. We have enough trouble with 4 humans and a bunch of stuffed animals in the camper!

We moved forward a short period in time to the Jamestown settlement which was the original fort where all the settlers lived. Daddy put on an armor. It almost fit him! Those settlers were little people! Not that Daddy is that little... I mean.... ummmmm.... I tried on the helmet, but it was a little big.

In the settlement, there was a gunsmith, a storage area, a church (I did a little sermon, but I don't think anyone could hear me, they didn't listen, anyway) and several living quarters. I took another nap in a big fancy bed. That was my favorite. I wonder if I could get Daddy to make me one. The family put the old lady to work while I napped. She said it was no different than any other day!

It was getting hotter and hotter, so we headed back to the campsite and ate a quick lunch. The humans then put on their weird bathing gear and headed to a place called Water Country USA. You can imagine what I thought of THAT place, so I stayed in the truck. I heard lots of loud booming noises and the rain came down on the windshield hard, so I hid under a blanket next to Daddy's car seat. They came back to the truck just as it was getting dark and said the thunder and lightening had closed the park and they had to sit around for over an hour. Then they opened it back up again for about 20 minutes and it started to thunder again. They ran for the exit but got stopped by serious lightening and rain. They had to take refuge under an small overhang, until it passed. My Daddy and Auntie were not happy, so the man with the fuzzy face and the old lady said they'd change tomorrow's "plan" a little so they can go back for awhile in the morning. Good thing they bought these fancy pass things so they can go back without having to pay more. It's raining right now and there's a huge river forming under the camper. The man with the fuzzy face is running around picking up things so they don't float away. I'm glad I'm safe and dry in the camper! I'm tired from all that hiding and worrying, so I'm going to bed. Ta for now....

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