Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Late Friday night

Just wanted to add an update... I think I’m in love... I wonder if the captain will marry us?

We had one scare where I had to hide under the pillows. These guys in uniform came in. I thought the law had finally caught up with us, but they just moved things around and turned down the corner of the bed. They left this guy behind to guard us...

The old lady said I didn’t miss much at dinner. There was tons of food again, of course. All they do around here is fatten you up and try to get you drunk. Of course, being a good little monkey, I stayed waaayyyy away from alcohol. Pay no attention to those pictures on Facebook...

After dinner, the old lady went and sang karaoke (glad I missed that!) Then they went and listened to a comedian named Kenny Miller. The old lady said he was surprisingly good (but no monkey jokes). Then it was back to the kareoke room again. I’m so glad I stayed here!

Finally she is back in the room... totally exhausted. Tomorrow we hit Cozumel. She says I can go, but Chica has to stay on board. I don’t think that’s very fair. Not sure I want to be separated so soon.

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