Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Two

Friday, 8:00 pm

I couldn’t believe the old lady woke me up at 7:45 this morning! I thought the whole point of being on vacation was to sleep all the time. And then she spent an hour screwing around with the little computer we brought, trying to get the internet to work, because she missed Auntie and Daddy and wanted to know if they were doing ok. I don’t miss anybody... Daddy who....

We went out on deck and all we could see for miles and miles was water!!! Ahhhhh... It was beautiful blue water.... but it was water!!!!

Breakfast was a big buffet, but no bananas! What’s wrong with these people! The old lady stuffed herself again and then started walking around the ship some more. I’m already getting very tired of all this walking around. Finally she and her really nice roommate, Connie went and changed into bathing suits and took me up on the deck to get some sun. Of course, everyone else on the ship had the same idea. I've never seen that many half naked people in one place in my whole life! At one point, the old lady said she was going to check out the people soup. I hid under the towel as she went down and put her feet in the pool, but she complained there were just too many people. Then another time she and Connie went down this big slide, but it was full of water, so I hid under the towel again. Mostly, we just read and got tanned. Do I look any darker?

More food stuffed in the old lady’s face and then she and Connie went back to the cabin. Connie napped while the old lady tried to get on the internet. Still nothing from the family. Guess they don’t miss her either. So she read awhile until it was time for dinner. This evening is supposed to be formal in the dining room. I can’t wait to wear my tux again. What’s this!??? The old lady says I can’t go! That she’s not bringing little monkey’s to the formal dinner! Well, I never!!!

But actually, that’s ok, because I met the most wonderful person in the whole world and we get to spend the evening together. This is me with my beautiful Chica. Isn’t she the most wonderful thing you have every seen? Connie found her in a shop on the ship. I know she’s been waiting there for me forever.

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