Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At sea! Sort of....

Thursday, September 30 11:30 pm

The ship is huge! The old lady keeps getting lost! We grabbed some lunch and I even got a banana and then started exploring the ship. Our cabin is on E deck, room 191. We’ll never find it again!

It took us hours just to get out of the port and under the skyway. That big scary bridge isn’t so frightening from underneath, except that it looked like the ships fins were going to hit it, right up until we went under it!

These are all the crazy old ladies I was with. Can you imagine a sweet little monkey stuck with all those crazy women!? I especially like the sunglasses one of the ladies gave to us. I tried to wear them, but they were a little big.

The whole time, as we headed out of Tampa Bay, there were alternating Sheriff’s and State Law Enforcement boats running along side us. I was sure the old lady was going to get arrested now!

The old lady was worried she’d get seasick and brought stuff to put behind her ears to help. So far she says she hasn’t needed it. I just smeared a little banana behind my ears, and I’m fine. Occasionally the ship takes a big dip and I can really feel it roll, but most of the time I just feel the vibrations and hear occasional creaking. Sometimes the vibrations are really strong and it feels like we’re going to break apart. That would be horrible! I already have a lifeboat with my name on it. No water for this little monkey!

The old lady brought me out on the deck for the sunset and I was sure I was going to blow over board! It was very, VERY windy, but she promised she would never let go of me.

I wore my tuxedo and hat at dinner. The guy in the funny suit, Justav, that takes care of everything in the dining room laughed at me, but I don’t think he was being mean. I just don’t think he’s ever seen a monkey in a tux before. They piled on food and more food. I don’t know where the old lady put it all, she's not THAT big!

After dinner, we went to an introductory dancing show thingy. The old lady said the dancers weren’t very good, but I sure can’t get my lets to do that, so I think they did pretty good! Then we just walked around and around until my little monkey legs can’t stand up any longer.

I’m going to bed if we can find our way back to our room.

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