Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Saturday, 4:00 pm

So what does the crazy old lady do this morning?! After making me stay up until 2:00 am, she pops out of bed at 6:45!!! We had to be at the end of the pier by 8:45, but that’s ridiculous!!! We were looking out the window and couldn’t see land, so we thought we were still coming in, but as soon as we got up on deck for breakfast, there was Cozumel on the other side!

We had breakfast (STILL no bananas!!) and disembarked down to a huge long dock. When I turned around, there was the whole ship. It was even bigger than I thought. We met our tour under a sign for Mayan ruins and beach. I stayed hidden because I didn’t want to get in trouble for stowing away, since I didn’t have a ticket. Our guide was called Nacho and he was very friendly and knew all kinds of stuff about Cozumel and the Myan’s. My head hurts from all that learning.... We took a short bus ride through the island and landed at some simple ruins (not the stuff you see on TV), but still interesting. I was amazed at how well all that stuff held up, considering how old it is. I wonder if I’ll look that good when I get that old.... There was a really scary iguana living in one of the walls. I had to hide for awhile because I thought he was going to eat me.

At one point, the old lady placed me in the middle of the road to take my picture. Good thing there weren’t any cars around and then I got chance to pray to the Moon goddess and her husband the sun. After that, we saw the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. I wanted to climb it, but the old lady wouldn’t let me. On our way back to the bus, we bought a cool monkey t-shirt for Daddy and the old lady bought herself a pendant with the Myan calendar on it. Just as we were loading, the old lady spotted a hummingbird right outside the bus. I wanted to take it home with us, but she said we couldn’t catch it.

Then back on the bus for 30 min (at least I didn’t have to go back in the backpack) to a nice little beach. Too much water though... The old lady had raspberry and pinacollata something-r-others (which I stole a few sips of) but she kept getting in that scary water, so I just sat under the palm trees and napped.

At one point, she started jumping around and yelling. It turned out a little yellow fish, long and thin like a 4 inch shark with a brown stripe, kept bumping against her leg. He never bit her, but he wouldn't stop swimming in and out and around her legs. She finally had to get out of the water to get away from him. Guess he liked the taste of her sunscreen!

We had very yummy chicken quesadias there (nothing like American ones). Then we loaded back on the bus and headed back to town and the dock. We were supposed to meet all the other crazy girls at a place called Senior Frog's. It turned out to be a very scary place! Lots of loud music and, well, the staff was um kind of crazy.... Connie showed up after about 10 mins but none of the other girls did so we gave up after 45 min and left. But not fast enough because some crazy guy, that turned out to be from our ship, poured his drink down Connie's back... It was all sticky in her hair. Glad it wasn't me!!!

The old lady bought some more junk, like a hat for the man with the fuzzy face and some little rings for Auntie and I got a cool sombrero and a scarf. Then we headed back to the ship. The old lady swam in the pool on deck because no one else was around. She said it was nice, but it's a salt water pool, so she got all itchy and had to go down to take a shower. Salt or no salt, you won’t catch me anywhere near there!

Then the old lady and Connie sat in the room for awhile and read (while I snuggled with my Chica) but it was 20 below in there (you can't control your own thermostat, except to open or close a vent) so we left to wander about, but it was cold everywhere. So they came back and changed into long pants and jackets (yes, it was THAT cold) while I jumped under the covers. I’m not telling if I was alone or not. We monkey’s don’t kiss and tell. The old lady wandered around with Connie until dinner at 8:15. Then they looked for the supposed pool party, that never really materialized, the old lady went and sang a karaoke song by herself (so glad I missed that again) and now she’s back here in the room interrupting... Well, never mind.

Time for sleep! One more day....

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