Monday, June 25, 2012

Thursday morning, we met up with the old lady's friend Carl. He took us on a subway ride down to an area called Chelsea. I was worried there would be water there since it was a sea, but they said not to worry about it.
First we went to an art gallery where Carl's daughter was an intern. I thought interns were only in hospitals, but then the old lady pointed out that Aunt Katie is an intern at our local TV station... The gallery was featuring art work by a 5-year-old. I was skeptical, but they turned out to be really interesting. She paints and then adds various toys and such to the canvas. I was a little worried she might try to glue me on, but they assured me the little girl wasn't around.

Then we left the gallery and went to this place called the High Line.  It used to be a railroad, up in the air, that they've turned into a garden area. We started at 25th Street and walked all the way down to 17thStreet but then it got too hot. I made some new friends along the way, right before we headed back down to the street. We had pizza at the bottom of the High Line at a pizza place called Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Bar. The old lady let me have a bite and although it wasn't quite a banana, it was still pretty good! Don't know what happened to this picture. Guess the old lady's fingers were all covered in pizza juice, but you can see how big the slice was compared to me!
Then we walked again (the old lady and Karen were having some trouble walking since they were so full of pizza) and ended up at the Chelsea market. I thought it would look like our Red Barn Flea Market at home, but it was more like a mall.

I got to play Godzilla monkey until the security guard came over to see what I was up to. You can just see the old lady's friend and Karen in the background of the doomed city.

Then we walked some more and went to a place called Vitra. They make all kinds of really neat chairs in just my size. I tried to get the old lady to buy me one, but since the average price was $700, she said NO! I'm going to make Daddy get on the internet when we get back to see if he can find one cheaper.

The old lady stuffed me back in the backpack so I would stop begging, so I didn't get to see these guys doing acrobatics in the hot sun. I personally think they were nuts to even consider it. I was melting just riding around. Finally we stopped in a cool place where Carl, Karen and the old lady ordered something called Margaritas. They were nice and icy cool, but I think they would have tasted better if they had used bananas. The old lady said it would have to be called a daiquiri then. I didn't care what it was called as long as they gave me one, but no such luck. 

So then the old lady and Karen went back to the apartment again to change. Karen went off to see Nicoletta and go see another ballet with her, and the old lady and I went to meet the old lady's cousin Jennifer. She is really, really pretty! And really, really tall!!!  We met her on the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel in their roof top bar. I was afraid they wouldn't let me in, but no one said anything. The place had a great view of 5th Avenue. So then I was afraid I would fall down. But the old lady said she would never let that happen.

Then we walked up Fifth Avenue and saw the Plaza Hotel and FAO Swartz. I really wanted to go inside, but the old lady wouldn't let me. She was afraid I would get every monkey in the store to follow me out, like the Pied Piper, whoever that was. Then we went down 57th Street to a famous sushi restaurant called Nobu 57. I don't know what was so impressive about it. What's the big deal about dead fish? The man with the fuzzy face has them all the time... The old lady seemed really happy with her dead fish salad though... We headed back across town and up to the apartment. The old lady said she was too tired to help me write my blog, so that's how we got so far behind.

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