Sunday, June 17, 2012

I am in New York City! We left early this morning while I was still very sleepy. I snuggled down in the old lady's backpack and went back to sleep. It wasn't until the pressure changed in the plane, that I woke up and realized we were flying!!!

Here I am in the taxi telling the driver how to get to the apartment where we will be staying. I know how to get there, because I helped the old lady make the reservation, and of course, I'm a very smart little monkey. The lady, Jane who is renting us her apartment, is very nice. I would like to meet her in person so I can give her a big kiss, right on the nose!

I hope she doesn't mind that I started playing her piano as soon as we got here. Maybe they will let me play at Lincoln Center tomorrow night.... After the old lady figured out all the locks and buttons and stuff, Karen and Nicoletta came and checked out the place. Then they all left and left me here!!! Dickens and I stared out the window for hours waiting for them to come back.

Apparently, they walked up and down and up and down, getting supplies for Nicoletta's dorrm room after eating a quick salad and sub at the local deli. The old lady couldn't believe how inexpensive everything was. She said the man with the fuzzy face would have been in heaven. A huge salad was less than $4. Of course, I wouldn't know because I was stuck here in the apartment staring out the window with a stupid bear!!!!

After what seemed like forever, they came back and collapsed on the chairs and said they weren't very good at walking so much. They did some bed switching. Karen is letting us have the big bed on account of there are three of us and only one her... Once we got on the big bed, Dickens noticed there was someone in the corner watchng us!!! We will have to ask Jane what his (her?) name is. It doesn't say much. Just sits there.... The old lady and Karen got their "second wind" whatever that means, and headed back out, but this time they took me with them. We found a nice little Mexican restaurant where the old lady could have a Corona. I wanted this drink called, "The Ricky" but the old lady said I was too young.

Then we walked over to Central Park. The old lady and Karen were actually shivering!! I didn't think it was that cold but they are used to all that Florida sunshine I guess. The old lady was all over  the really cool skyline. I was much more interested in the flowers.

After we got back to the apartment and I started to type this, all of a sudden we heard sirens that seemed to stop right outside the apartment. So the old lady looked out the window and sure enough, there were 3 fire trucks and a supervisors truck stopped right in the street, just one building up from us! I guess it turned out to be a false alarm because they walked around for about 15 minutes and then got back in their trucks and drove away. It sure was exciting for awhile there....

This little monkey is very tired after all this excitement, so I'm heading off to bed. Another big day in the big city tomorrow!

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