Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the Road Again

Day 15, August 3, 2009

This morning dawned bright and very, very humid. The windows in the camper were dripping with moisture from the cold A/C inside and the hot humid air outside. The old lady had promised Daddy and Auntie a swim in the pool before we had to leave, but they wouldn't open it because the owners said they'd just shocked the pool. I wonder how you shock a pool? Do you say bad things to it or wave your fuzzy little butt at it?

There was a really pretty lake on the other side of the pool. The old lady thought the man with the fuzzy face might try to fish for a minute, but he was ready to get on the road, so get on the road we did!

Straight down I-95 can be a very boring trip after awhile. It's a good thing Daddy and Auntie can entertain me and that I can read when we run out of anything else to do.

The man with the fuzzy face splurged for lunch and actually bought McDonalds for everyone. The old lady and the man with the fuzzy face HATE McDonalds! But they have some new thing called a McCafe that the old lady has been wanting to taste and it was free on Mondays. I don't know what the big fuss was, if it isn't bananas, who cares?

We arrived at our next destination which was the town of St. Mary's, at the very southeastern part of Georgia. We got to Crooked River State Park around 3:30, got set up and started exploring. Just like the other Georgia state park, they had a pool, but also like the other one, they couldn't afford to keep it up, so they'd let it go all green. I was just as happy that it was unusable, but Daddy and Auntie were very disappointed and the man with the fuzzy face didn't understand why they did that instead of just charging an extra $5 entrance fee for swimming. Did I mention I don't really care one way or the other?

The place was very interesting and different. There was one odd thing though, there was a section that was blocked off because a road and bank had fallen way down and created a dangerous cliff. We couldn't figure out how the cliff got formed that way. The old lady said she was going to look it up on the internet when we got home to see of there was a bad storm through there recently.

We were right on a river, and the park was very pretty, but the water was dirty and there was nowhere to swim. The whole reason the old lady had picked it was so the man with the fuzzy face could fish and Auntie and Daddy could swim. So the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face got back on the computer and found a place called Fernandina Beach which was supposed to be one or two more exits south on that boring I-95 road. But when the old lady looked up reservations, she found out it was booked full. So they held a family council and decided to pack up the camper in the morning, call them as soon as they open, see if they had any sites that someone had just moved out of and move there if they did. If they didn't, we'd head on back home.

In the mean time, we had a yummy fish dinner, Daddy made another cool fire, the man with the fuzzy face tried to catch a few fishies, we explored the interesting driftwood on the small river beach, and Auntie and the old lady took a much needed shower. I've waved goodnight to the beautiful moon and now it's bed time. I'm really tired so I'm headed under my blanket.... Ta for now.

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