Friday, August 7, 2009

Adendum - The last leg home

Day 17, August 5, 2009

We didn't end up leaving the last campground until 1:00 pm so I thought it was really one more day on our vacation and I could write a little more. Besides, the old lady took some really cute pictures of me, of course.

This morning, we woke up to find a raccoon had opened the cooler and drunk two sodas and half of 5 beers. He actually ripped one of the soda cans in half and flung it across the campsite. I can't believe he didn't wake up the man with the fuzzy face, but he must have staggered off before anyone saw or heard him (the coon, not the man with the fuzzy face). We found out later that it happens all the time. I wish they'd told us in the beginning. The man with the fuzzy face was counting on those beers when we got home tonight!

I was very afraid the raccoon would come back and take me away too. After all, I'm much better than an old soda or beer. But I watched out the window all morning and I never saw him. Of course, after I sat there for an hour, Daddy finally tells me that raccoons are noct...., noktr....., that they come out only at night, so he wouldn't have been sitting out there to take me away anyway!

So since Daddy and Auntie had gone back to that nasty, wet, sandy place, the old lady and I did some safe exploring on our own. She pointed out that the beach isn't really a bad place, as long as one's fuzzy self stays far away from the water. So we explored the awesome grass stuff that the old lady said were called sea oats (but that we couldn't make bread or eat them, what a waste!) and collected lots of pretty shells.

Then the old lady stuffed me in her pocket (not the best way to travel, but probably the safest on a bike) and took me over to the cool fort I told you about yesterday. It was very old and really fun to look through. I was amazed at how well everything was preserved but the old lady said she thought she'd read something about it being restored. I guess that means they put it back the way it was, after it went away for awhile. I wonder if anyone will restore me if I get old and ratty....

Anyway, the first place we went was the jail. The old lady said if I didn't behave, this is where I would end up. I don't know what she was talking about. I'm always a good monkey!

And then I went back to my old habit of taking a nap in one of the nice comfy beds. See if you can find me. The old lady was pretty far away when she took my picture. We went in a few more rooms and saw some more cool things like civil war uniforms, supplies, postal stuff, and gun powder, and then the old lady said we'd better head back because it was getting late.

Just as we arrived back at the camper, Daddy, Auntie and the man with the fuzzy face showed up, showered real quick, ate a sandwich (still no BANANAS!) and then we hit the road for the last 4.5 hour leg home.

We arrived back safe and sound. The house is still standing and that stupid dog is still here. I'm happy to be back and am settling down in my own little bed for a long sleep. The old lady goes off to work already tomorrow and everyone else is off to points unknown. I'll be happy just to sit here and enjoy being home.

Ta for now....

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