Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back in Florida

Day 16, August 4, 2009

We left Georgia at 9:00 and got to Fort Clinch State Park around 11:00. It is right on the beach on Amelia's Island, whoever she is. I want to know why she gets her own island when I can't even get one stinkin' banana!

This park is huge! It's 4 miles from the entrance gate to the actual camping area and 2 miles back to the beach where Auntie and Daddy could swim. It's on a pennin....., penneinn......, a large piece of land that sticks out into the water. A river is on one side and the Atlantic is on the other.

As soon as we got here, Auntie and Daddy put on their weird swimming clothes while the old lady and the man with the fuzzy face set up the camper. Then they got on their bikes and headed off to find water. I stayed hidden in the camper.

When they got back for lunch, they told me they nearly died riding their bikes in the hot sun on the beach trying to find the part where they could swim. Instead, they found the actual fort that Fort Clinch State Park is named after. They said it was really cool with all the rooms and buildings laid out like they looked in the civil war. I was sorry I hadn't gone because I'd like to have seen it, but I really was afraid of the sand and water. And the old lady didn't take the camera either for the same reason, so I didn't even get to take pictures. Hopefully I can see it tomorrow morning before we leave.

After lunch, they climbed into the truck (the old lady said something about not killing herself trying to find the beach by bicycle) and headed off again for salt and sand. Again, I stayed home and so did the camera.

They came back about 3 hours later, all sandy, yucky, and wet, but happy. Everyone went swimming and built sand castles. They said they wanted to build one for me, but the tide kept getting higher and higher and washing it away. I was very happy that I wasn't there.

Auntie and the old lady went off to take a shower while Daddy and the man with the fuzzy face started putting things away because the sky was getting darker and darker and it was starting to go boom boom in the sky. Right after the showering girls returned, the skies opened up and dumped gallons of water all over us. I was terrified! The worst part is, when they were home for lunch, I was so excited about all the trees, I went to climb one and they forgot I was there! Right before it started to rain, my friend Wilbur reminded them of where I was. I would have caught the wet disease for sure!

We haven't had much luck with rain and this time was no exception. Once again, there was a raging river running through the campsite and under the camper. The man with the fuzzy face tried to dig trenches to divert the water, but it didn't work. There was just too much flowing through. Finally it stopped and was so pretty they went out to explore again. I was still in shock from almost being left in the trees that I stayed home. But this time the old lady brought the camera and took some pretty pictures to show me when they got back.

Daddy and the man with the fuzzy face fished and even the old lady tried her hand at it. The old lady told me there were beautiful shells and sea oats all over the place. The only bad part was an ugly looking mill toward the south. I wonder what they did there....

After dinner, they went out again and the old lady took pictures of the sun set. It was beautiful and amazing since we were on the east coast. And so, the sun sets on our wonderful vacation. Tomorrow we're packing up and driving the last leg back home. We've had a wonderful time but I for one will be happy to be home and maybe I'll finally get my bananas!

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