Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shoooo, I know my loyal fans have been missing me again. I've been a very busy little monkey. I appear hear and there all over town, but one of the most fun events lately was the Riverhawk Music Festival this last November. I got to meet some of my biggest fans! It is run by this really nice guy, Mitch Lind. He is also a musician and part of a band called The Loggerheads. Personally, I have no idea what a loggerhead ish, but it shounds like an interesting name, and I like the way he plays the guitar!

This guy over here is Fred Eaglesmith. He writes and sings really cool songs. I wanted to run away and join his traveling steam show, but Gandma said I wouldn't like all that time on the road. I wanted to send him the picture of me looking down the railroad tracks (he writes a lot of songs about trains) but Gandma said he wouldn't appreciate it and anyway, didn't know how to reach him. Gandma says a lot! And not much of it makes this little monkey happy!

My latest trip was with Gandma, Auntie, and He Who Doesn't Like Me, to Tallahassee to look at a school Auntie wants to go to. I don't know why she wants to go to any more schools! I keep thinking she's finished and then she goes to another school! I don't want her to go. It will be very lonely around here without her. She protects me from all the bad men in this family who like to throw me around! And not only that, she will probably take my best friend Wilbur with her! Then it will be really lonely! Maybe I will have to sneak into her suitcase and go up with her... As long as she doesn't accidentally put me in the wash!

This is my friend, Wilbur. He can be kind of grumpy sometimes, but he's really a very good guy when you get to know him. Just don't do anything with those things on his trotters he calls his glows!!!

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