Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Help me!!!

I was sitting on the old lady's lap in the big car thingy when she opened the door to reach for the mail out of the box and I fell out!!! She didn't know! She shut the door and drove off and left me there!!! Then it got darker and darker. I was so scared. At last I saw headlights going coming down the drive and thought, at last, the old lady has come back to save me... but she drove right by!!! I remembered she'd said something about a meeting she had to go to so she must have been headed there. By now it was pitch black out. I was hearing rustling in the bushes and then a big bird flew right over my head! I thought it was an owl or a hawk and it would grab me and carry me off. Finally, I saw headlights coming back down the road and was sure the old lady would get me this time, but she drove by again!!! I was doomed. I started sobbing and calling but no one heard me. Then suddenly I heard a noise that sounded like the golf cart coming down the drive. I hate that golf cart after I got left in it once in the rain, but it gave me hope this time. Sure enough, it came down the driveway, but went right passed me! The old lady had the recycle bins in the cart and set them off by the road. She turned around and came past me again, but this time she was going really slow. I shouted and called and tried to jump up and down. Just when I thought she'd missed me again, she stopped the golf cart, backed it up, jumped out and ran over and got me. She told me she was so worried when she couldn't find me and that no one else in the house would get off their lazy butts and help her look. She had no idea I had fallen out of the car by the mail box. She just happened to see something out of the corner of her eye on the ground that didn't look like it belonged there.

So now I'm safe and sound once again. The really scary part is, later that night, it poured down rain! If I'd stayed out all night, I would have been soaked and I'd have the wet disease for sure!

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